60,000 dominos falling in chain reaction within seconds goes viral (Video)

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A total of 60,000 pcs of dominos fell in chain reaction within 12 seconds, as shown in the video below, is now going viral after it was posted on some websites and blogs, along with two other videos related to the so-called project.

60,000 dominos falling in chain reaction
Image Credit: FlippyCat/YouTube

Apparently, the YouTube video of the falling 60,000 dominos was posted by a guy with username FlippyCat on Friday, May 11, 2012, which he calls as ‘Personal Record’, or the 60K Dominos project; and has now nearly 144,000 views.

As posted in the YouTube video description, there were 60 big dominos each containing 990 dominos, and a small field of 600 dominos, where ‘60,000‘ can be read, which makes them a total of 60,000 dominos used in the project.

According to FlippyCat, the big dominos are about 14 feet across and it took him approximately 65.5 hours to complete the entire domino setup in over 8 days, with the counter changing its color on each day, which is the same with the color of the shirt he is wearing that day.

After the 60,000 dominos were all piled up, he pushed the first pile in front using his left hand and watched each pile falling down, while reminding the viewers to plug their ears as the falling of the dominos, which lasted for about 12 seconds, create noise and getting louder.

Meanwhile, FlippyCat also uploaded a separate video of the falling dominos the next day, but in a different angle, also noting that he used two different types of dominos with different shapes which made the height of some piles of dominos not the same with the others.

Before uploading the first video, he uploaded a teaser showing some of his mistakes while patiently building the 60,000 dominos and using a plexiglass wall that serves as a safety guide for the other piles of dominos in case the one he is building crashes.

60,000 dominos setup and falling
Video Credit: FlippyCat/YouTube

60,000 dominos setup and falling (Different angle)
Video Credit: FlippyCat/YouTube

60,000 dominos setup and falling (bloopers)
Video Credit: FlippyCat/YouTube

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