60-million-year-old Turtle: Carbonemys Cofrinii Fossil As Large As A Smart Car

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60-million-year-old Turtle Fossil
Carbonemys Cofrinii
Image Credit: Liz Bradford/North Carolina State University

A 60-million-year-old turtle fossil has been found in a coal mine in Colombia in 2005 that was said to be as big as a Smart car. LA Times reported on Friday, May 18, 2012 that the fossil is nearly 8 feet long with an almost 6-foot long shell. It was believed to be the world’s largest turtle that has been discovered.

“We had recovered smaller turtle specimens, but… I realized that this particular turtle was the biggest anyone had found in this area for this time period,” Edwin Cadena from North Carolina State University, who discovered the fossil in Colombia was quoted saying in a report.

Paleontologist gave its name as Carbonemys cofrinii in honor of the Colombian coal mine where it was found and after Dr. David Cofrin, who provided funding for the excavation.

The turtle was examined and described in the Journal of Systematic Paleontology. It was said that the gigantic turtle belongs to a group of side-necked turtles known as pelomedusoides.

The findings said that the turtle would have been equipped with massive, powerful jaws and could have eaten just about anything in its range, from mollusks to smaller turtles and even smaller crocodiles due to its colossal size.

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