6-year-old first grader saves choking classmate using Heimlich maneuver

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A 6-year-old first grader in California recently saved her choking classmate, and used Heimlich maneuver which she said she saw in a Disney Channel TV show. A news video can be watched below.

According to News10 on Thursday, May 3, 2012, Elspeth Lorelei Mar, also known as Beanie, was having lunch with Aniyah Rigmaiden at Caroline Wenzel Elementary School in Sacramento, when another classmate, Anthony Roy, Jr. noticed that the latter was choking.

As noted in the report, Anthony saw Aniyah having a hard time eating a piece of apple that clogged on her throat and could not swallow it; and call the attention of their fellow classmates, with Beanie using her 38 pounds of weight to successfully dislodged the piece of apple from her choking friend.

“I just find it amazing that a silly kid’s show could demonstrate something so simple and so wonderful as the Heimlich maneuver. . . . and do well enough for my little girl to save a life a few months after seeing it,” Amy Peterson, Beanie’s mother, was quoted at HeimlichInstitute.com.

“Everyone is okay, and my daughter is still not quite sure what everyone is so amazed about. It just proves that you don’t have to be big and strong to save a life,” Peterson added, whose daughter now is being recognized in her school as a Heimlich Hero.

Report of first grader saving choking classmate
Video Credit: News10.net

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