5-Star Yunak Evleri Hotel Built In Ancient Caves Of Cappadocia In Turkey (Photos)

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Yunak Evleri hotel in Cappadocia
Yunak Evleri Hotel
Image Credit: YunakEvleri.com

A 5-star hotel called Yunak Evleri with 30 rooms was built in ancient caves of Cappadocia in Turkey.

According to reports, 6 cave houses in the year 2000 were converted into an unconventional and unique rooms. The rooms were carved from soft limestone cliffs in Cappadocia region which were said to be of 5th and 6th century.

Yunak Evleri hotel is located in the heart of Turkey. The rest of the hotel was said to be a reclaimed 19th century Greek Mansion that sits adjacent to the amazing caves.

Here are some photos of the Yunak Evleri hotel. (Click next page for each photo.)

Yunak Evleri 5-star hotel at night
An image of Yunak Evleri hotel during night time. No special effects needed.
Image Credit: Yunak Evleri

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