5-foot Monitor Lizard Caught By Animal Control In Riverside California

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5-foot Monitor Lizard
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5-foot Monitor Lizard caught In Riverside
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A giant monitor lizard was reportedly seen wandering around in a condo complex in the city of Riverside in California.

According to reports, animal control officer Jenny Selter responded to a call about a big lizard and was surprised to discover a 5-foot monitor lizard.

“I really thought I would be rolling up to discover it was just an oversized garden lizard. This was no garden lizard,” Officer Selter said.

Reports said that residents were freaking out seeing the giant monitor lizard walking down the sidewalk.

Meanwhile, Selter with the help of a police was able to catch the monitor lizard using a long “catch pole” which is typically used to handle vicious dogs.

The 5-foot monitor lizard is currently held at the animal shelter in Riverside. Animal Services spokesman John Welsh said that it might be someone’s pet which escaped from its cage.

“The last one we had was nasty. But this one doesn’t hiss and we were able to walk it around. It was investigating and didn’t snap at anyone,” Welsh said. “We suspect that it’s been someone’s pet for a long time, because it’s so big. I think they might let it wander around the house. Maybe it sleeps on a bean bag?” he added.

Owning a monitor lizard is legal in California, according to reports. Animal Services is still waiting for the owner to claim the animal soon.

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