4,800 Messages In A Bottle Sent by Harold Hackett for 15 Years Received 3,100 Replies

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Harold Hackett
Image Credit: BBC

Harold Hackett from Prince Edward Island, Canada has sent 4, 800 messages in a bottle over the past 15 years and received 3, 100 replies, according to reports by several international news sites, September 29, 2011.

Based on reports, Hackett started writing messages in 1996 and received replies from Africa, Russia, Holland, Canada and various parts of the United States, including Florida and Rhode Island.

“I never dreamt I’d get that many back that quick. I usually get about a 150 Christmas cards, Christmas gifts, souvenirs. I just love doing it the old way. The reason I won’t put my phone number on my letters is they’d all call me back, and I wouldn’t get any letters”, Hackett mentioned in a statement.

Recent reports said Hackett used ocean spray cranberry juice or orange juice bottles to house his bright fluorescent messages. He makes sure that the messages are dated and check the winds before tossing them to the ocean.

Moreover, reports mentioned many of his penpals become regular correspondents. Their letters are on display at a nearby Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum in Cavendish.

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