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$450 pizza in Canada by Steveston Pizza includes lobster, outlet soon to open in Manila

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The $450 pizza in British Columbia, Canada includes lobster as among its ingredients, and is only one of the special pizzas being sold, which an outlet will be opening soon in Manila, Philippines.

C1, a pizza at Steveston Pizza, containing
tiger prawn and crab order shown

Image Credit: Steveston Pizza Co.

According to The Province, a Canadian news site on Monday, June 11, 2012, the $450 pizza, dubbed as C6, was a creation of Steveston Pizza owner Nader Hatami, and contains thermidor of lobster and black Alaska cod, with a side of Russian Osetra caviar.

As noted in the report, chef Hatami, who has previously worked on cruise ships and at the Wedgewood Hotel, said that he has already sold one of his exotic creations to “a very rich person,” with the expensive pizza to be ordered one day before.

On the other hand, Steveston Pizza also has a less expensive pizza dubbed as C5, worth $120, which is made with Icelandic scampi, smoked steelhead and lobster Ratatouille, which also needs to be pre-ordered the day before, with Hatami saying that he has already sold seven of them.

“I never thought I’d sell so many. The idea was to make a culinary statement. I don’t know if you’ve tried our pizza but each one is pretty unique.” Hatami was quoted telling to the paper, adding that he tries to use as many organic products as possible and “very good cheese.”

Nevertheless, most of his other creations are notably not that expensive, with price starting at $14 for a regular-sized pizza from a category called ‘The Usual’ (like pepperoni) and up to $20 for similarly sized items in cleverly-named categories such as ‘The Journeys’ and ‘Elements and More’.

Meanwhile, Hatami emphasized that he will bring the standard to the Philippines and will open a restaurant in Manila in September, which will be followed by another one in December, after a regular customer who does business in the country encouraged him to expand.

“He was always talking to me about how this product would do well in the Philippines. They’re very receptive.” Hatami said, noting that his trip to the country barely a week ago went well.

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