$44 million hospital bill for outpatient services shocks patient in New York

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A $44 million hospital bill stunned a man in New York, after he was treated for three weeks due to pneumonia, which the patient noted he could not believe his outpatient treatment was that expensive.

Alexis Rodriguez, showing his $44 million hospital
bill after being treated at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital

Image Credit: James Keivom/NY Daily News

According to NY Daily News on Sunday, January 15, 2012, Alexis Rodriguez, an unemployed doorman, received a letter from Bronx-Lebanon Hospital last week, stating the $44 million hospital bill.

As noted in the report, Rodriguez, 28, panicked when he saw that his hospital bill for outpatient services have reached to $44,776,587 since he knew that his real hospital bill could be less than $300 only.

Rodriguez told the paper that he immediately called PHY Services, the billing company, and learned that he was not the first one to receive such notably expensive hospital bill from that office.

Apparently, PHY Services stressed out that the billing was simple “system error”, in which the subcontractor that prints the hospital bills placed the invoice number into the ‘amount due’ field.

“We are sending an apology letter to everyone who received it,” PHY Services representative Ricardo Paul told the NY Daily News, with the billing company apparently have received similar complaints.

“If you are calling with respect to a billing statement for services provided at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital, please disregard the statement. You will be receiving a new statement shortly.” A recorded voice reportedly answers calls.

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