42 years in a coma: Florida Woman, Edwarda O’Bara unconscious for 42-years (Photo)

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42 years in coma

Edwarda O’Bara: 42 years in a coma
Image Credit: Mirror.co.uk

Edwarda O’Bara, who spent 42 years in a coma, passed away at the age of 59 on Wednesday, November 21, 2012, eve of US Thanksgiving Day.

According to a Miami Herald report, the Miami woman lost consciousness in 1970 when she was still a high school student. O’Bara fell ill and “threw up her medicine and slipped into a diabetic coma.”

Reports say that before the O’Bara lost consciousness, she requested her mother Kay to stay beside her. The mother reportedly kept her promise by patiently caring for her daughter. Kay passed away five years ago.

Colleen O’Bara took charge of taking care of her sister in their Miami Gardens home.

Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote a book about the unbelievable love of Kay O’Bara for her daughter Edwarda. The book is entitled, A Promise Is A Promise.

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