4-month old baby girl rescued, 3 days after Japan earthquake, reunites with father (Photo)

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Updated: March 19, 2011 1:38 p.m.

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A 4-month old baby girl was rescued by Japanese soldiers and reunited with her father, 3 days after the 8.9-magnitude earthquake hit Japan last Friday, March 11, 2011, as shown in the photo below.

According to Daily Mail on Monday, Japanese Defense Force soldiers were on their search and rescue mission in the ruins of homes in Ishinomaki, near Sendai city, when they found the baby girl, crying and cold.

Apparently, the four-month-old baby girl had been lost from her parents’ arms when their home was swept away by the 10-meter monster tsunami, where nearly 3,000 people have been reportedly killed as of this writing.

On Monday, March 14, the 4-month old baby girl was found by the Japanese rescue team soldiers while they were searching door after door and pulling bodies from the totally damaged homes surrounded by debris.

One of the rescue team members picked her up in his arms immediately, wrapped her in a white blanket, and brought her to safety, as other members assisted him and were said to be very joyful after learning that such a helpless baby can survive the catastrophe.

In addition, the rescue team was surprise to see that the baby girl was not hurt at all, which is a big mystery to them. Most of the residents on that area are elderly and a lot of them did not survive.

Later, the baby girl was reunited with his father who has been very much worried about her, and turned overjoyed when he finally held his child. Identities of the father and 4-month old baby girl were not revealed.

4-month old baby girl rescued by Japanese Defense Force soldiers, reunites with father
Image Credit: Hiroto Sekiguchi/AP

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