$4 Gas Per Gallon in 6 US States According to AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report

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Rising Gas Prices
Rising Gas Prices
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According to several international news reports on Monday, the average price of gas is now at more than $4 per gallon in six US states. New York is the latest addition to the states with gas price averaging more than $4 per gallon. New York is reported to have an average gas price of $4.018 now, according to the data from American Automobile Association, Inc. (AAA)’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report.

The other five states with average gas price higher than $4 per gallon are Alaska ($4.179), California ($4.203), Connecticut ($4.068), Hawaii ($4.484) and Illinois ($4.073).

Hawaii was said to be the state with the highest price at $4.484 per gallon, while Wyoming has the lowest at $3.536. The overall national average now is reported to be at $3.833, 29 cents higher from last month.

The AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report is based on data provided by Oil Price Information Service in cooperation with Wright Express.

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