37-pound cat Biscuit has found a new home, to be adopted by a Missouri couple (Photo and Video)

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A 37-pound cat named Biscuit, as shown in the photo and video below, has found a new home. This is after St. Charles Animal Control in Missouri, revealed that the male fat cat will be adopted by a couple from Eureka, in St. Louis County. Ed and Lisa Pyatt were among the hundreds of animal lovers who want to adopt him.

37-pound cat Biscuit

37-pound cat Biscuit
Image Credit: SaintCharlesCityPets.com

“After the Post-Dispatch did a short story on Biscuit, our 37-pound cat, we received a very large response! We are so grateful that so many people from around the country have called wanting to give him a loving home.” A statement reads at SaintCharlesCityPets.com earlier.

“Ideally, Biscuit will find a home close by, so he does not have to go through all the stress that traveling would cause.” St. Charles Animal Control added, referring to the story of St. Louis Post-Dispatch last Friday about the 37-pound cat, which has been on a diet since he needs to lose weight.

Apparently, Teresa Gilley, the lead animal control officer, noted that they only prefer pet lovers from within their locality, emphasizing that the four-year old fat cat might feel stress if he will travel too far. In fact, the animal shelter said they even declined an offer to Biscuit to appear on Anderson Cooper‘s show in New York.

Biscuit was reportedly brought to St. Charles Animal Control about a year ago by a disabled woman, who was believed to have spoiled the cat with a lot of food treats, causing him to be an obese cat. Later, another woman adopted Biscuit but returned him to the animal shelter when she transferred to an apartment where cats are not allowed.

Meanwhile, Biscuit‘s new owners, who also have a fat cat named Max, will be bringing him home next week. The Pyatt couple has no children and has spent their bonding moments with love for animals. However, they were advised to place Biscuit and Max, who weighs 20 pounds, on strict diet.

37-pound cat Biscuit
Video Credit: KARpetvids/YouTube/St. Charles Animal Control

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