36 Chihuahuas seized from 2 homes in California, to be put up for adoption (Video)

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More or less 36 Chihuahuas have been seized from two different homes in Watsonville, California early this week. Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter (SCCAS) officials reportedly seized the poor dogs and puppies within two consecutive days, which appears to a hoarding case. A news report video is available below.

some of the 36 Chihuahuas seized

Some of the 36 Chihuahuas that were seized
in 2 houses in Watsonville, California

Image Credit: KSBWTV video

As noted at Santa Cruz Sentinel on Thursday, March 7, 2013, SCCAS members searched the apartment at 100 block of East Beach Street on Monday and found 11 Chihuahuas, where 6 of them are still puppies. The same team seized 25 Chihuahuas, 10 of them are puppies, from a house at Alexander Street.

According to the report, the animal shelter team obtained search warrants for the houses after the landlord of the apartment complex called their office, noting that he was concern when he found out that no one has been properly taking care of the 36 Chihuahuas.

“It’s a hoarding case first because not only were animals being hoarded, but also objects and possessions, because the dogs were indiscriminately breeding in the house.” SCCAS field manager Todd Stosuy told the paper. The investigative team found out that the residents living on both houses are relatives.

As reported at KSBWTV, the dogs seemed to be in good health condition and are now being taking cared for at shelters in Live Oak and Watsonville, and that it is not yet clear as to what case will be filed against the Chihuahua owners. The shelter will be looking for potential dog lovers who will adopt them in a few weeks.

36 Chihuahuas seized from 2 homes in California
Video Credit: KSBWTV/YouTube

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