$30,000 found in clothes, Philadelphia woman returns cash despite no one knows there was money missing

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A woman reportedly found $30,000 in clothes, but decided to return it to the owner, instead of keeping it. While this may not be surprising to know that there are still honest people these days, the situation of Carol Sutor of Bristol, Philadelphia was different because nobody knows that there was money missing.

pile of $100 bills

Pile of $100 bills (Not the $30,000 found in
clothes by Carol Sutor)

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As noted at Phillyburbs on Tuesday, March 26, 2013, Carol Sutor has a cousin named Marlene Lattanz, who lives in Medford, New Jersey, whose daughter’s mother-in-law passed away. Lattanz asked Sutor if she wanted some clothes from the mother in-law that could fit to her mother, which Carol accepted.

According to the report, Ms. Sutor recently checked the clothes and saw a bag with a plastic bag inside. She said she was initially thought that it could be just a pair of slippers, but was shocked when she discovered that there were bank envelopes, each containing $100 bills, which had a total of a whooping $30,000.

“At first I thought is this play money? Then I started looking. I said to myself, no, these are real hundred dollar bills. A lot of them.” Carol Sutor told the paper, who owns Advantage Insurance in New Falls Road in Levittown, but admits her business is now affected by the struggling economy.

Without any hesitation, Carol called Marlene and told her about her astonishing discovery. Her cousin went to her place to see the money, and even counted them by herself. And she confirmed it was indeed $30,000 cold cash, in front of their eyes, which no one could notice not unless the clothes will be arranged.

Lattanz immediately informed the son-in-law about the money and later gave Sutor $1,000 as a reward for her honesty. Apparently, no one knew about the money since the woman never told anyone that she has $30,000, which she probably plans to deposit in bank, since a deposit slip was also found in the clothes.

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