3-Year Old Girl Gracie Goss Dials 911 to Save Mother

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The 911 call of 3-year-old girl Gracie Goss of Gardnerville, Nevada has save her mom’s life, according to international reports. Catherine Goss, Gracie‘s mother, suffered seizure and fell on the floor, as described by her daughter.

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Tammy Adamson, a 911 dispatcher received the call from the young Goss and immediately sent rescue teams in the area. Even though Gracie was not able to give the exact address, 911 was able to track down the location since it is a landline call.

Gracie‘s dad, Larry Goss, who was on duty as he works as a paramedic in a local fire service department, , was on “disbelief” when he heard a 911 crew dispatched on his own house.

It turned out to be Gracie‘s first time to call after being taught by her mom how to call 911 in the morning. Gracie was given a super hero button and a trip to Chuck E. Cheese during her visit to the dispatch center.

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