$290 Paper Bag: Jill Sander’s Vasari Paper Bag Is The Most Expensive Paper Bag, Reports Say

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Vasari Paper Bag

the $290 paper bag
Image Credit: Jill Sander

Jill Sander‘s Vasari paper bag, a brown paper bag with visible stitching and is crafted from coated paper costs $290, international news sites reported on Monday, August 27, 2012.

According to reports, this $290 paper bag is the most expensive brown paper bag ever made. It is said to be made of high-durability coated paper, stitched seams and four metal eyelets. The designer’s name is printed at the bottom, as shown in the photo accompanying this report.

Some reports say that the price is too expensive for the brown paper bag. “For $290, you could buy all the brown paper bags you need, and you’d still have enough left over for metal eyelets (sold separately) and a pen to write “Jil Sander” at the bottom,” Louis Peitzman said on his Gawker report.

Meanwhile, reports said that the Vasari brand also comes in black leather, which costs $630.

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