29 Trapped Chinese Coal Miners due to flood rescued

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The twenty-nine Chinese miners who were trapped in a coal mine in Neijiang City due to flood were found alive on Monday, and all of them were rescued that day, according to Xinhua.net.

China Central Television, which was said to be able to broadcast live during the rescue, showed pictures of each miner after being brought to safety.

The rescue team was able to lift the first trapped miner at about 12:25 local time, while the whole rescue operation took about an hour.

Each survivor was immediately wrapped with blankets and their eyes were covered to protect them from sunlight, while the crowd clapped as the last trapped miner was finally rescued.

The said miners were trapped underground at the Batian Coal Mine in Weiyuan County for more than 30 hours, in which the accident took place on Sunday at around 11 a.m.

Although there were on signs of physical injuries, all of the rescued miners seemed to be weak, which were
immediately brought to the nearest hospitals.

As earlier reported, there were 41 Chinese miners who were working in that mine and only 13 of them have managed to escape when the sudden flood occurred.

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