28 Miners Trapped In China Coal Mine Due To Flood

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Twenty-eight miners are trapped at a China coal mine due to an underground flood, several international news sites reported.

Credit: Cleantechnica.com

Thirteen of the 41 miners were able to escape when floods filled-up an underground pit at Batian Coal Mine in Weidman county. The accident happened at about 11:00 am Sunday, Xinhua, a Chinese news agency reported. According to Xinhua, the condition of the trapped miners was still unclear several hours after the incident.

A rescue operation is underway, but the location of the workers were still unknown.

“We still have hope of finding them alive,” one provincial safety official was quoted saying. An estimated 141,000 cubic feet (4,000 cubic meters) of water was in the pit and pumps for removing it were already on the way, he added.

No further details of the cause of the accident or of the rescue work were available at the moment.

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