2,750-year-old temple discovered near Jerusalem, ancient animal figurines found

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A 2,750-year-old temple was recently discovered in Israel, near Jerusalem by archaeologists connected to the Israeli Antiquities Authority (IAA), along with a cache of vessels and ancient animal figurines, as shown in the photo below.

Animal figure temple

A horse figure, among those found inside
the 2,750-year-old temple

Image Credit: Antiques.org.il

According to a recent press release by the IAA on its official website, archaeologists found the ancient temple at Tel Motza, to the west of Jerusalem, where evidences of early religious practices and rituals in the early days of the Kingdom of Judah have been uncovered.

“The ritual building at Tel Motza is an unusual and striking find, in light of the fact that there are hardly any remains of ritual buildings of the period in Judaea at the time of the First Temple.” Anna Eirikh, Dr. Hamoudi Khalaily, and Shua Kisilevitz, directors of the excavation were quoted at Antiques.org.il, on behalf of the IAA.

“The uniqueness of the structure is even more remarkable because of the vicinity of the site’s proximity to the capital city of Jerusalem, which acted as the Kingdom’s main sacred center at the time.” The archaeologists added, noting they also found figures of men, wherein one of them is wearing a beard.

As explained in the post, the walls of the 2,750-year-old temple are massive, along with a wide, east-facing entrance, which conform to the traditional construction of temples in the ancient Near East. The objects inside these temples are being illuminated by the sun rays, which symbolizes the divine presence within.

In addition, a square structure was also found in the temple courtyard, which was believed to be the altar of the temple, along with a cache of sacred vessels discovered nearby the ancient structure, which the archaeologists noted that the objects found still require extensive research.

Figurines of a person found at Tel Motza.
Men figures found inside the 2,750-year-old temple
Image Credit: Antiques.org.il

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