24 bloopers in Skyfall movie found by fans

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There are 24 bloopers in the Skyfall movie, which were reportedly spotted by fans when they saw the film, and were recently compiled at MovieMistakes.com, a website dedicated in posting continuity errors and factual mistakes in films, with the 1979 movie Apocalypse Now leading in their list and was found to have 395 errors.

Skyfall, being the 23rd James Bond movie and the third 007 film for Daniel Craig, was released in UK October 26, 2012, and in the U.S. and Canada on November 9. It reportedly made over $518 million worldwide during its opening weekend and is now the biggest ever Bond film during opening weekend.

Skyfall, directed by Sam Mendes and distributed by MGM and Sony Pictures Entertainment, also features Judi Dench reprising her role as M, a role which she had played in the six earlier James Bond movies. It also featured the Skyfall song, which was performed by English singer and Grammy Award winner, Adele.

Meanwhile, among the 24 Skyfall bloopers mentioned at MovieMistakes.com include the gap between James Bond and Q when they met in the early part of the movie, which was apparently transferred to the left side of Craig when the camera changes from behind them to the frontal view, as they began to talk.

Another Skyfall blooper that was noted was during the Istanbul chase scene at the start of the movie, where Eve (played by Naomie Harris) knocks out the windshield of the car she was driving. However, about half the glass is suddenly seen in the frame again during the rest of the chase scene, and the glass left is seen unbroken even if it was earlier cracked.

Skyfall movie chase scene
Skyfall movie chase scene, with the vehicle seen with windscreen still intact
Image Credit: MGM and Sony Pictures Entertainment video via Telegraph.co.uk

Later in the movie in a scene on a boat, Daniel Craig took a radio from arch-enemy Silva (played by Javier Bardem). Bond switched it on and placed it inside his right pocket. But when the helicopters arrived to arrest him, Craig can be seen taking it from his left pocket.

For the factual mistakes in the said film, on of the most noted ones was when James Bond is seen driving down Whitehall in London and a bus with #38 is seen behind him. However, the said bus does not travel down or near Whitehall, which allegedly suggests that it was done to show off the new Routemaster bus.

Likewise, in the scene where M was asked to retire from MI6, she puts down her glass and gets up to leave. Then, she picked up her coat from the back of the chair but left her bag on the floor. But in the succeeding shot, the bag was not there anymore.

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