2012 Stache Film Fest: World’s first moustache film festival to be held in Maine in March 2012 (Video)

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The so-called world’s first moustache film festival (2012 Moustache Film Festival) or 2012 Stache Film Fest will be held in Maine on March 30, 2012, with the announcement video available below.

Dr. Lou Jacobs, announcing the 2012
Moustache Film Festival

Image Credit: Stachepag/YouTube

According to a recent post at Stachepag.com, the 2012 Moustache Film Festival will be held at the Port City Music Hall in Portland, Maine on the said date and is being organized by No Umbrella Media.

As noted in the press release, mustachioed filmmakers of all shapes and styles are being invited to submit short films to them, where there must be a moustache-related theme or a mustachioed major cast-member(s).

Based on the criteria, the film should be less than 8 minutes in length and must be in NTSC, and should be submitted on or before 24, 2012. The Best Film winner will bring home $100 and Special Awards may be awarded.

“We’ve already gotten submissions from three continents, and the open call has only been ongoing for a few weeks.” Nick Callanan, Stache Pag head, was quoted telling Entertainment Weekly; noting that he may receive 500 entries.

“We’ve seen a good response so far – Norway, The Netherlands, Mexico, California.” Callanan added, who himself has a moustache every winter for the event and has been running Stache Pag for five years.

Below is the announcement video for the first annual Moustache Film Festival, which features American Moustache Institute representative and international moustache celebrity Dr. Lou Jacobs, in which full details for the contest can be found at Stachepag.com.

Call to Moustache Action
Video Credit: Stachepag/YouTube

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