2012 America’s longest-married couple contest winner, Wilbur and Theresa Faiss 78 years married (Video)

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This year’s winner of America’s longest-married couple contest was announced recently and they shared their secret of 78 years of marriage, as shown in the video below.

According to Catholic News Agency on Wednesday, February 01, 2012, Worldwide Marriage Encounter announced the 2012 winner of Longest Married Couple in the US, from 256 nominations.

As noted in the report, Wilbur and Theresa Faiss of Las Vegas, Nevada, who have been married for 78 years, were nominated by their eldest son named Bob, won the title of the longest-married couple alive.

Apparently, the Faiss couple was married on April 14, 1933 and will be honored by the Seaborns in a special ceremony in their hometown on Saturday, February 11, as they were supposed to be met by US President Barack Obama earlier.

“I just had no idea of us ever winning the…longest-married couple. You must understand that I am over 100 years of age, and I’m a lot slower than I was at 90,” Wilbur said in an interview, after he missed the chance to meet President Obama.

“How often does an ordinary guy get such recognition by the president of the United States? It’s one of these things that are once in a lifetime.” Wilbur added, who admitted he was disappointed for arriving late due to his age.

Nevertheless, the President reportedly said that he will invite the couple to see him and mention their achievement once he visits Las Vegas again.

Meanwhile, Mr. Faiss was asked on what he could give advice to couples who want to have a long-lasting marriage like theirs, and said; “It’s very simple… It’s give and take, and compromise.”.

America’s longest-married couple report
Video Credit: KVVU/CNN

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