2011 Tokyo Motor Show: Kobot, Foldable Robot Scooter Controlled By Smart Phones Wows Visitors On Its Debut

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Kobot, Foldable Robot Scooter
Image Credit: wired.co.uk

Kobot, a foldable robot scooter controlled by a smart phone wowed visitors during the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, according to reports by several international news sites, December 2, 2011.

Based on reports, Kobot is a three-wheel scooter with just one seat that can be packed away after use in a space of around one square meter. When the rider taps a button on an accompanying smartphone application, Kobot’s rear wheel and seat fold into the front of the vehicle.

“This is a robot you can ride,” Yoichi Takamoto, President of TMSUK said in a statement.

Recent reports also mentioned Kobot was created by TMSUK, a Japanese robotics company and Kowa, a pharmaceuticals and electro-optronics company to develop environment-friendly electric vehicles for urban transportation.

Moreover, Kowa-TMSUK joint venture hope that Kobot will be perfect for navigating crowded city streets, without adding to air pollution.

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