2010 World Cup Of Pool Update: Orcollo and Gomez Made It To Quarter Finals

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Philippines B team of Dennis Orcollo and Roberto Gomez won against Spain to advance to quarter finals in the 2010 World Cup of Pool. The two were a bit nervous and pressured during the game but tried to overcome it by celebrating everytime they win a rack. They won with a score of 8-4.

Here are some quotes from Dennis Orcollo:

“I told Gomez to not be afraid as in this tournament you can get very nervous.”

“It’s a battle of nerves out there and you have more than 1,000 people watching you and cheering for you but you get energy from them and that helps you win the match.”

“The celebrations are a way of making more energy. I started warm but he was cold and missed the 7-ball. I didn’t say anything about the position he missed and I felt my partner was still cold so I did something (the unique celebrations) to warm it up.”

Here’w what Roberto Gomez has to say:

“Our celebrations were a way of keeping our nerves away. We are under pressure so we had to do something.”

“We feel more pressure now because the crowds depend on us because of the other Filipino players already gone from the tournament.”

“We deal with the pressure by celebrating by doing the headbutt and punching each other!”

Here is the result of 2010 World Cup of Pool Day 4:

Session 10
Germany 8-1 Russia
England 6-8 France

Session 11
China 8-5 Italy
Holland 1-8 Finland

Session 12
USA 7-8 Poland
Philippines B 8-4 Spain

Image Credit: MatchRoomPool.com

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