2010 World Cup of Pool Update: Indonesia Won Against Philippines A

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Ricky YangIndonesian pair of Ricky Yang and Muhammad Zulfikri just won against Philippines A team of Efren “Bata” Reyes and Francisco “Django” Bustamante. Indonesia won with a score of 8-6, becoming the second team to enter the quarter finals. Taiwan is the first team to enter the quarter finals when they beat Japan earlier with a score of 8-2.

It was a game full of tension and excitement as Indonesia and Philippines tried to outwit each other in the pool table in front of 2,000 Filipino crowd watching. In the end, Indonesia emerged victorious.

Here is what Francisco Bustamante has to say about their game:

“We played good at the beginning but we missed a couple of positions and we could do nothing. They played good but we gave them two or three games. If we had played well it would’ve been easy to win 8-3 or 8-4 but we both missed and the plans changed.”

“For me and Efren we are playing in our country and we have a lot of support but there’s a lot of pressure. It’s difficult enough and there’s a lot of pressure and as it’s only a race to eight anybody can win. They are good players but we would expect to beat them easily but as I said we missed a couple of balls. Dennis and Roberto have a chance to win and I hope they do as they’re the only Filipinos left.”

Here is the rest of the results for the 2010 World Pool 2010 Day 3:

Session 7
Austria 3-8 Holland
Finland 8-2 Singapore

Session 8
USA 8-7 Sweden
Spain 8-5 Vietnam

Session 9
Last 16
Taiwan 8-2 Japan
Philippines A 6-8 Indonesia

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