2010 US Official Census shows Chicago population has declined since 2000

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The 2010 US Official Census was released on Tuesday, and it showed that the population in Chicago declined since 2000.

As published at the US Census Bureau, Chicago populations declined by 6.9 percent in the last decade, or by 200,418 people, in which most of them were African-Americans and contributed about 17 percent.

As told by analysts to news reports, the drop is most likely due to transformation plan of Chicago Housing Authority, in which thousands of inner-city public housing units were reportedly have been demolished.

Nevertheless, Chicago has 2,695,598 people as of 2010, still has the most population in Illinois, with Aurora, 197,899; Rockford, 152,871; Joliet, 147,433; and Naperville, 141,853, according to the report of the Census Bureau.

On the other hand, Cook, which is the largest county, and has a population of 5,194,675, with a 3.4 percent decrease since 2000, while the succeeding counties had an increase in population.

They are DuPage, with a population of 916,924 (1.4 percent); Lake, 703,462 (9.2 percent); Will, 677,560 (34.9 percent); and Kane, 515,269 (27.5 percent), to complete the top five most populated counties in Illinois.

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