2010 Hollywood’s Most Overpaid Actors According to Forbes

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There are some US actors who are getting lots of money for making movies. Forbes.com released their list of the 10 most overpaid actors in Hollywood. They have rated them according to their income and their movies made. Forbes ranks them through the basis mentioned below.

To create our list we looked at the 36 highest-earning actors in Hollywood. To qualify, each had to have starred in at least three movies in the past five years that opened in more than 500 theaters. Movies that opened after June 1 of this year are not counted.

We used data gathered for our annual Celebrity 100 list to calculate each star’s estimated earnings on each film (including up-front pay and any earnings from the movie’s box-office receipts, DVD and TV sales). We then looked at each movie’s estimated budget (not including marketing costs, which are susceptible to accounting chicanery) and box-office, DVD and television earnings to figure out an operating income for each film.

We added up each star’s compensation on his or her last three films and the operating income on those films, and divided total operating income by the star’s total compensation to come up with a return-on-investment number. The final number represents an average of how much a studio earns for every dollar paid. ( Forbes.com )

So here is the list according to Forbes.com. Will Ferrell tops the list for 2 consecutive years.

  1. Will Ferrell, For every $1 Ferrell was paid, his films earned an average $3.35.
  2. Eddie Murphy , For every $1 Murphy gets paid, his films earn an average $4.45.
  3. Denzel Washington, For every $1 Washington earned, his films returned an average $5.10.
  4. Seth Rogen, for every $1 Rogen was paid, his movies earned $6.75.
  5. Tom Cruise, For every $1 Cruise was paid, his films earned an average $7.20.
  6. Drew Barrymore,  For every $1 Barrymore was paid, her films earned an average $7.45.
  7. Matt Damon, for every $1 Damon gets paid, his films earn an average $8.30.
  8. Vince Vaughn , For every $1 Vaughn was paid, his films earned $8.35.
  9. Adam Sandler, For every $1 Sandler was paid, his films earned an average $8.45.
  10. Jim Carrey, For every $1 Carrey was paid, his films earned $8.60.

Many say that this is not good for Will Ferrell .This negative publicity might affect his career.

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