$20,000 Meteorite: Brenda Salveson Found $20K Space Rock in Lotus Town (Video)

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A $20,000-meteorite was reportedly found by Brenda Salveson at a park in Lotus town in El Dorado County. The space rock was about 4 to 6 billion years old, according to a CBS report on Tuesday, May 1, 2012.

The precious meteorite weighs about 17 grams that is a little over a tablespoon of sugar.

Salveson said that she “was lucky, blessed, good karma.” She explained that the meteorite “was sitting there at my toes like an Easter egg.”

Brenda Salveson discovers meteorite in Lotus town. The space rock is reportedly worth $20,000.
Video Credit: CBS Sacramento

Salveson reportedly revealed that she walks daily along the Lotus park with her kids and her collie.

After finding the gem, Salveson goes home with a “puppy in one hand and rock in another.”

Earlier reports say that meteorites landed in Gold County, California that resulted into a modern day gold rush. Several thousand people that include geologists, treasure hunters and scientists have already trooped to Lotus to see Salveson‘s find.

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