20,000 Fossils Found in Chinese Mountain Led By Shixue Hu Of The Chengdu Geological Center

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Fossil Fish
A fossil fish, discovered as part of
a giant cache of nearly 20,000 fossils in China
Image Credit: Shixue Hu, Chengdu Geological Center

Nearly 20,000 fossils of shellfish, reptiles and other creatures were reportedly found from a mountain in China led by a scientist named Shixue Hu of the Chengdu Geological Center.

The newly-discovered giant cache of fossils which said to be of ancient marine ecosystem help reveal how life recovered after the most devastating mass extinction on Earth, international news reported.

“The pattern and timing of recovery can tell us something about how life today might recover after human-induced crises,” Michael Benton, a vertebrate paleontologist at the University of Bristol in England was quoted saying.

The fossils that were unearthed at Luoping in Yunnan Province in south-west China indicate that it took about 10 million years for a fully functioned ecosystem to develop.

According to reports, researchers were planning to explore the recovery of the fossils over the ecosystem’s entire lifespan for them to see which species recovered when and how the food web rebuilt it self.

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