$200 to quit Facebook: Father pays teen daughter to leave Facebook for 5 months, with signed contract (Photo)

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Who among us will agree to be paid $200 to quit Facebook? Well, this is what a teenage girl recently did, after she entered into an agreement with her father, that she will leave the social site for five months in exchange of money. In fact, they put it into paper and signed them, as shown in the photo below, just like any ordinary contract.

Paul Baier, Vice President of Sustainability Consulting and Research at Groom Energy Solutions in Massachusetts, publicly announced the contract with his daughter, Rachel Baier. He posted a copy of their Facebook Deactivation Agreement on his blog, PracticalSustainability.Blogspot.com, on Tuesday, February 5, 2013.

“He/she will have access to my Facebook to change the password and to deactivate the account. This will prevent me from re-activating the account in the future. I plan to use the money for the following purposes: _____.” A statement reads on the contract, with the word “stuff” written on the blank.

“It was her idea. She wants to earn money and also finds Facebook a distraction and a waste of time sometimes. She plans to go back on after the 5 months is over.” Paul Baier told the Daily Dot, with the contract saying that he agrees to pay his daughter the amount of $50 on April 15, and $150 in June 26, the last day of their school.

Based on their agreement, Rachel will deactivate her Facebook account from February 4, 2013 to June 26, 2013, or around 5 months. Amusingly, she had her signature on the left side, and her father on the right side, with the date beside his signature. A Facebook logo can be seen on top, suggesting that the contract is formal.

“She mostly wanted and needed the money as she has been frustrated by not finding babysitting jobs. She is honors student but she says Facebook can be distracting.” Mr. Baier told Yahoo News, noting that Rachel first asked him $70 in exchange to quit Facebook, but later decided that $200 is a more considerable amount.

“I’ve realized that she is part of generation of kids that has grown up on Facebook. She’s been on it for two years full time. This is two years of 24/7 teen discussion of friends, clothes, parties, etc. They can’t get away from it. I’m proud she recognized the benefit of a hiatus. She plans to go on using it after the contract end.” Baier added.


$200 to quit Facebook agreement by Paul Baier and daughter Rachel Baier
Image Credit: PracticalSustainability.Blogspot.com

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