$200 Tiny Houses, built by Derek Diedricksen made of scrap materials (Video)

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Tiny houses made of scrap materials are now being built by Derek Diedricksen, apparently costing only $200 to build one, as published at The New York Times on Wednesday.

Gypsy Junker Tiny House
Photo credit: Erik Jacobs/The New York Times

According to the report, carpenter Derek Diedricksen has been building tiny houses out of scrap materials and spending about $200 for each house, located in his backyard at Stoughton, a town in Norfolk County, Massachusetts.

Diedricksen has also uploaded a series of YouTube videos entitled ‘Tiny Yellow House‘, in which the 5th episode is available below, where he explains how he build these tiny houses along with some tips while showcasing some of his creations.

According to him, these tiny houses were not to be underestimated for their sizes and cost as Mr. Diedricksen said they are safe, comfortable to live in, eco-friendly, and with a touch of art.

Gypsy Junker, the biggest of the micro-houses that Diedricksen have built, is about 24-square feet wide and primarily made of shipping pallets and its exterior counter is an old front-loading washing machine.

Hickshaw is much a smaller house, only 2 1/2 feet wide by 6 1/2 feet deep, was built on a wheeled cedar deck chair, and specially designed so that it can easily be moved.

On the other hand, the Boxy Lady is Diedricksen’s smallest house with only 4 feet tall and measures and its interior is a stained glass panel made by artist Stephanie Atlee.

More often than not, these tiny houses especially the smaller ones, have transparent roofing that allows the resident to have a good view of the treetops.

Meanwhile, Derek Diedricksen said he is planning to re-publish his book next year, entitled ‘Humble Homes, Simple Shacks‘, a self-published graphic tutorial book about smart carpentry.

Tiny Yellow House #5 – Deek’s Vermont Cabin- Tiny/Small House/Shack/Fort/Cottage
Video credit: relaxshacksDOTcom/YouTube

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