200-foot-long sinkhole: Ohio sinkhole collapses Dover roadway (Photos)

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Ohio sinkhole

200-foot-long Ohio sinkhole collapses
Image Credit: ODOT District 11

A 200-foot-long sinkhole collapses in the area of Route 516 West in Dover, Ohio on Wednesday, November 28, 2012, according to a news report at News Net 5.

Reports say that the large sinkhole reportedly measures about 85-feet-deep and 100-feet-wide. Fire Captain Mike Mossor revealed that the affected area is estimated to be the size of four football fields.

With the sinkhole collapse, authorities were forced to close down part of the town as investigation is underway. Lieutenant Eric Escola, commander of the New Philadelphia post of the Ohio Highway Patrol, revealed that the sinkhole collapse “could have been much worse than it is.” Lt. Escola said that “We’re very fortunate it didn’t happen in the middle of the night.” He explained that motorist could “have fallen in there, and could have easily caused fatal injuries.”

200-foot-long sinkhole in Ohio
200-feet-long sinkhole in Route 516 West of Dover, Ohio
Image Credit: Times-reporter Jim Cummings

As of posting, there were no reports of any accident or injury related to the collapsed sinkhole. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources geologists is now investigating the real cause of the sinkhole collapse.
200-foot-long sinkhole collapses in Dover Ohio
200-feet-long sinkhole in Ohio Roadway
Image Credit: Times-reporter Jim Cummings

Initial reports by the Dover Fire Department said that sinkhole collapse may be linked to the Newton Asphalt Plant recent cave-in.
200-foot-long Ohio sinkhole
Dover, Ohio sinkhole
Image Credit: Inquisitr.com

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