200 Dead Cows Mystery in Wisconsin known

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The mystery of the 200 dead cows in Wisconsin which was reported nearly two weeks ago is now known and the case has been considered solved, as published at AOL News on Saturday.

As earlier reported, 200 cows were found dead in Portage County, Wisconsin and a theory that viral infection could have been the cause of their death was raised, wherein the virus can affect the digestive system causing a disease called ‘bovie diarrhea’.

Samples from the dead cows were brought to laboratory for further investigation, in which apparently the result of the findings revealed that the 200 cows died from eating toxic sweet potato.

According to the report, investigators from the University of Wisconsin have known that the cows were poisoned after being fed by spoiled sweet potato.

“It is likely that a mycotoxin from moldy sweet potato was a major factor in the disease and deaths of these steers,” Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory associate director Peter Vanderloo told the news.

With that, the initial theory that viral inspection could have been the reason why the cows died has been ruled out.

“None of the major respiratory pathogens of cattle were identified in the samples provided to the lab,” Mr. Vanderloo added.

He further explained that the sweet potatoes which were found toxic are not included in the human consumption supply which means that people should not worry for their health.

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