200 Cows Dead in Portage County Due to Suspected Viral Infection

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International news sites reported on January 16, 2011 that 200 cows were found dead in Portage County, Wisconsin due to suspected viral Infection. This viral infection could block the respiratory airway of the animals and cause death.   The virus can also affect the digestive system, causing bovine diarrhea.

Although there is no direct threat to humans, samples of the cows were still sent for laboratory testing to confirm if the initial suspicion was true.

Several mass deaths of animals have been occurring in some states as well, like the death of thousands of black birds in Arkansas. Because of this some people think that these are signs of an upcoming Armageddon. Scientists and experts however, said that the abrupt climate changes may be the real culprit in these mass deaths.

This video of the 200 dead cows was uploaded by jarecki2012 at YouTube.

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