$2.50 gas plan Newt Gingrich ad blames President Obama for rising gas prices (Video)

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A Newt Gingrich $2.50 gas plan ad, as shown in the video below, is blaming US President Barack Obama for the recent rising of gas prices, as the 2012 US presidential election goes nearer.

Newt Gingrich $2.50 gas plan logo
Image Credit: newt.org

As noted at CNN on Saturday, March 3, 2012, Newt Gingrich spokesman R.C. Hammond said that the $2.50 gas plan ad video, which was released last week, will be aired on TV next week in Alabama and Mississippi, where states will hold primary contests this coming March 13.

As noted in the report, the 68-year old former House Speaker is now promoting his $2.50 gas plan in time for the fast rising gas prices in the US, with experts recently predicting that it may reach to $5 per gallon.

“Since Barack Obama‘s inauguration, gas prices have doubled. They didn’t go down when Obama bowed to Saudi oil princes. But they can go down under the Newt Gingrich $2.5 per gallon plan.” The narrator said on the video.

“The Gingrich two-fifty plan slashes gas prices by increasing domestic production, opening up off-shore drilling…building the Keystone Pipeline…cutting red-tape regulation.” The narrator added, noting that it will stop the rising of gas prices and will save a lot of money for Americans.

Back in late February, Gingrich made a 30-minute address on how he is planning to make $2.50 gas possible, citing that it can be achieved with the right policies, and how inexpensive energy will fuel the economy and can improve the security of the country.

Newt Gingrich, explaining his $2.50 gas plan
Video Credit: NGingrich/YouTube

Newt Gingrich $2.50 gas plan ad, blaming President Obama for continuous gas price hike
Video Credit: NGingrich/YouTube

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