$2.1M Baseball Card: 1909 Honus Wagner baseball card sold at Goldin Auctions (Photo)

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A rare Honus Wagner baseball card, as shown in the photo below, was sold at Goldin Auctions in West Berlin, New Jersey this Saturday, April 6, 2013 at a whopping price of $2.1 million. This so-called “Holy Grail” card was also referred to as T206 baseball card, and was issued from 1909 to 1911.

$2.1M  Honus Wagner baseball card

1909 Honus Wagner baseball card,
which was sold for $2.1M at auction

Credit: GoldinAuctions.com

As described in the listing at GoldinAuctions.com, the $2.1 million baseball card was released in 1909, the year when Honus Wagner was a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball player for the National League (NL). That same year, he was then in the middle of leading the Pirates to their 1st World Series victory.

According to Goldin Auctions, Wagner led the NL in a major offensive category for 39 times. In 1936, Honus Wagner was in inducted to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, as one of its first five members. He was tied with Babe Ruth at 215 votes out of 226 ballots cast. Nevertheless, they were both behind Ty Cobb.

Apparently, Wagner, who was considered as the biggest name in professional baseball during this time, discovered that American Tobacco Company made the card without his permission. Goldin Auctions said that the release of the card was put on hold and only 50 copies were released.

The bidding for the baseball card started last February 25 at $500,000, and had a total of 15 bids. Goldin Auctions owner Ken Goldin told CNN that the buyer requested not to be identified, but was described as a “wealthy individual investor and a baseball fan.”

Goldin Auctions revealed that the actual selling price of this T206 Honus Wagner baseball card was $2,105,770.50, including the buyer’s premium, which was noted to be the most expensive baseball card ever sold in a public auction.

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