1940 US Census data released, now available partially for free public view

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The 1940 US Census data have been released partially and is now available for free public view, with the entire records to reveal billions of records of Americans from the US National Archives, including images, maps, among others.

1940 US Census data release announcement
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According to the official website of US National Archives, the 1940 US Census data will be available at 1940census.archives.gov at 9 a.m. ET on Monday, April 2, 2012, along with the links to tips, tutorials and FAQ page on how to see the data.

As noted on their earlier report, the entire 1940 US census records are composed of more than 3.8 million digital images of census schedules, maps, as well as enumeration district descriptions, marking the first time in US history that it has been made available publicly.

Meanwhile, Ancestry.com, which is being dubbed as the world’s largest online family history resource, reported also on Monday that the 1940 US census data is currently being processed on their website and some of them are now available at Ancestry.com/1940, which came from the National Archives in Washington, D.C.

Ancestry.com has put every ounce of its resources into bringing the 1940 Census to life as quickly as possible. There is such great interest that we felt compelled to work through the night to serve these images as quickly as possible.” Ancestry.com CEO Tim Sullivan was quoted in a press release.

“During the coming months as the 1940 Census information is indexed and provided to the public, amazing family discoveries and revelations will be made.” Sullivan added.

As of this writing, Ancestry.com noted that images from Washington D.C., Delaware and Nevada are now available, with over 10,000 images, including those of many celebrities listed in the US Census, and more than 100,000 images are being expected to be available at the end of the day, while the entire 1940 Census record collection will be available for free through the end of 2013.

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