16th Century Old Gold Pendant Treasure found by 4-year old boy James Hyatt

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Image credit: Stanley Kemp

James Hyatt, a four-year-old boy from Essex, found a 16th century old gold pendant, according to international news. Using a metal detector, Hyatt unearthed the treasure with his father in May last year in a field in Hockley from about six to eight inches deep in the ground. The 16th century old treasure has an image of the Virgin Mary engraved on it.

The money that will be generated when the pendant is sold that is reportedly worth £2.5m, will be divided between the Hyatt family and the landowner.

Examination by England‘s British Museum revealed that the pendant contains 73% gold and weighs one-third of an ounce (8.68g).

Click here for recent update on the engraved image on the gold pendant.

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