16-Year Old Star Athlete of Fennville High, Wes Leonard, Dies after a Winning Shot (Video)

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Sixteen- year old Star Athlete of Fennville High Michigan, Wes Leonard, died after scoring a winning shot in the last 30 seconds of a game against the Bridgman Bees, last Thursday. This was reported by US news, March 4.

Leonard, who was considered as the “quintessential player” of  the Fennville Blackhawks, was also a quarterback, where he had brought victory for his team in various stunning displays of talent and skill. Leonard had reached the 1,000 point mark of his successful sports career and was predicted to be a big sports star someday.

With Leonard’s winning shot, the Fennville Blackhawks team boasts of a perfect season (20 wins with no loss,) which makes them one of the most popular high school basketball teams.

Wes Leonard’s layup within the last 30 seconds of the game awarded Fennville Blackhawks the win with a 57-55 score. After the team and the crowd erupted with cheers, Leonard was hoisted up. When he eventually was on his feet, he collapsed. Initially, a parent EMT and paramedics attended to him but Leonard was later pronounced dead at Holland Hospital.

The Chief Medical Examiner for Ottawa County ruled that the official cause of death was cardiac arrest due to dilated cardiomyopathy.

Leonard’s family is in shock because there has never been any indication that the condition existed. Experts stated that it may have been caused by an asymptomatic flu virus. Fennville high school students and faculty are in mourning and in total disbelief of the loss of their star athlete, Wes Leonard.

This is a video of a part of the game, by wood aTV8, before the fatal collapse of Wes Leonard.

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