$16 House in Texas Being Claimed By Kenneth Robinson is a $300K Property (Photo)

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$16 house in Texas

$16 House in Texas
Image Credit: KHOU.com

A $16 house claim was filed by Kenneth Robinson for a foreclosed $340,000 property at Flower Mound in Dallas, Texas. Robinson filed his one-page $16 house petition with the Denton County courthouse, according to reports by several international news sites on Monday, February 6, 2012. (Below is a video of the $16 house in Texas)

After filing his claim, Robinson immediately transferred his furniture and placed a “No Trespassing” sign in the front window of what he claims to be a mere $16 house. The Texan even invited television news reporters and cameramen to have an inside look of his new $16 home.

Robinson has setup a new website at http://16dollarhouse.com where he sells an e-book. He is also offering to provide training sessions on how to use a little-known provision in state law that he claims to provide a way for people to acquire properties without spending too much.

However, Bank of America has filed its own claim of the property it foreclosed in January, 2012. A judge has given Robinson until February 13 to submit an appeal or move out. To avoid eviction, Robinson immediately vacated his $16 house and did not attend a scheduled court hearing on Monday.

Reports say that the adverse possession rights used by Robinson in his filed claim of the foreclosed is typically established for 10 years in Texas.

Below is a KHOU.com news video of the $16 house in Texas being claimed by Kenneth Robinson.

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