16-foot python: Burmese python found in Florida eats deer (Video)

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16-foot python photo by South Florida Water Management District

South Florida python
Image Credit: South Florida Water Management District

16-foot python, considered as one of the largest snakes, was found by wildlife officials in Florida Everglades in South Florida on October 27, 2011.

Reports say that the 16-foot python, a Burmese python, had just eaten an entire 76-pound female adult deer when officials found it. Officials said that the midsection of the South Florida python has expanded to about 44 inches after eating the deer.

Workers of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission captured and killed the snake using a shotgun.

Pythons are one of the most feared reptiles as it has been known to have taken down alligators, small humans and other large snakes.

Below is a CleanTVcom YouTube video describing the 16-foot python in Florida.

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