152 Facebook friends tattoo on Dutch girl goes viral, not real (Video)

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A Dutch girl had tattoo on her arm with photos of her 152 Facebook friends, as shown in the video below, goes viral, but it was later found not to be for real.

152 Facebook friends tattoo
Image Credit: susyj87/YouTube

On May 30, 2011, a user by the name of susyj87 posted a video on YouTube entitled “My Social Tattoo” showing her arms being tattooed which was said to be photos of her 152 Facebook friends.

“These are not all my friends. Just the people I care most about. I got their permission and they were very proud to be on it,” susyj87 wrote.

“To me it represents who I am right now and the time we live in. And of course I love the looks of it,” susyj87 added.

The caption also noted that the Facebook friends tattoo was designed by Pretty Social and was done by tattoo artist Dex Moelker.

However, on a post at Dutch news site Telegraaf.nl on Wednesday, June 8, it was revealed that the tattoo is not real and is called a “dry-out” tattoo, which can be washed away after a few days.

Apparently, Dex Moelker admitted that the Facebook friends tattoo (or “transfer”) was applied only for a couple of hours and not 30 hours as the video would claim.

Nevertheless, the story went viral and was even featured at CNN although it was only made for advertising purposes, in which the video has more than 1.5 million views as of this writing.

My Social Tattoo: 152 Facebook friends tattoo
Video Credit: susyj87/YouTube

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