15-year-old inventor wows MIT Engineers (Video)

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Kelvin Doe 15-year-old self inventor

15-year-old inventor wows MIT
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15-year-old inventor Kelvin Doe from Sierra Leone in Africa, reportedly wows M.I.T Engineers with his unusual inventions.

Reports say that Doe was able to develop batteries, generators and transmitters by using scraps from trash bins.

Doe reportedly got his idea when he observed that “off-the-shelf batteries were too expensive for the inventions he was working on.”

The invention of the 15-year-old was developed out of “necessity and for the joy of solving practical problems.”

A CNN report said that at the age of 13, Doe created his own battery by mixing acid, soda, and metal, and dried them inside a tin cup then wrapped tape around the cup.

Doe revealed that it took him several mixtures before he finally succeeded with his first battery prototype invention.

After his battery invention, he moved on to create a generator by using an old voltage stabilizer.

Doe now is reportedly employing his friends in developing his other inventions.

Kelvin Doe: Self-taught African Teen Wows M.I.T.
Video Credit: thnkrtv/YouTube

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