1,428-mile high-speed rail line opens in China, World’s longest (Photo)

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A 1,428-mile high-speed rail line opens in China on Wednesday, December 26, 2012. Considered as the world’s longest high-speed rail, China‘s new transport system links Beijing and Guangzhou, formerly known as Canton.

1,428-mile high-speed rail line opens

High-speed train G-502
Image Credit: www.news.cn

The Xinhua News Agency reported that the latest addition to China‘s railway system stretches along a 2,298 kilometer line that is approximately half of the country. According to Xinhua, the lengthy ride will be covered in 8 hours from the previous travel time of 20 hours.

Xinhua reported that high-speed rail runs at an average of 186 miles per hour or 300 kilometers per hour. The whole stretch of the railway will provide 35 stops in several major cities.

Two trains make the initial run from the Beijing and Guangzhou stations. This will be increased later to 155 running high-speed rails daily.

Zhou Li, director general of China’s Science and Technology at the Ministry of Railways, said that:

The opening of the Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed line shows that China’s high-speed railway network has started to take shape

One anonymous official explained that:

High-speed rail construction needs government funding. The loans the ministry borrowed have accumulated to nearly 4 trillion yuan [$641.63 billion] so far, and each year the ministry needs to pay 80 billion yuan [$12.83 billion] in interest

Will the benefit outweighs the cost of building and maintaining this high-speed rail in China?

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