14 Pilot Whales Die In Mass Stranding In New Zealand Coast

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Pilot Whales Mass Stranding

Pilot Whales Mass Stranding In 2006
Image Credit: Michael Cunningham / AFP/Getty Images

At least 14 pilot whales die in mass stranding in New Zealand has been reported by New Zealand Herald news.

According to report, a group of pilot whales were stranded at Puponga Point in Golden Bay, near the base of Farewell Spit. Some of the whales was said to have refloated on the high tide about midnight on Saturday and have split into two groups. Sixty-six of a pod of 80 pilot whales headed out to sea while the other group was said to have been restranded all day and have died.

“We don’t know whether they have managed to swim safely (out to) sea or whether they may have stranded somewhere else along the coast,” Department of Conservation spokeswoman Trish Grant said.

Residents said that the pilot whales came ashore early Friday afternoon at Golden Bay north of the city of Nelson on the tip of South Island.

Mass stranding is the term that refers to events in which groups of distressed whales and dolphins come ashore alive. It usually occur in several parts of the world and have no comprehensive explanation for this syndrome.

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