14 new artifacts at Titanic Artifact Exhibition in London

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Artifacts from Titanic lands in London this month with an exhibition featuring 14 new artifacts from the sunken transatlantic liner including video footage from the site of the wreck. Titanic ship has been discovered last September 1, 1985 and twenty-five years after her discovery, RMS Titanic, Inc., in partnership with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and the Waitt Institute has made different expeditions from the wreck ship. This summer they map the entire wreckage site for the first time.

Exhibit opened last November 5 at the 02 Arena, and focuses on the human stories behind the liner’s 1912 collision with an iceberg that killed 1,517 people.

The exhibit will share new footage of their expedition, with relics like perfume bottles owns by rich passenger on that time.

“On that unexpected night in 1912, more than 1,500 passengers met the same fate no matter what their class or place in society, a shocking end to what was a joyous journey,” said Cheryl Mure, vice president of education for RMS Titanic.

The RMS Titanic was the world’s largest passenger steamship that sails from Southampton, England to New York dated April 10, 1912. After four days into the trip, the ship crashed into an iceberg and sank.

Visitors to the exhibit will receive a replica boarding pass of an actual passenger aboard the ship according to yahoo news.

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