14 mph speed limit in Colorado town being considered to reduce traffic problem

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A 14 mph speed limit in a residential area in a town in Colorado is now being considered for implementation by local officials, in an attempt to push drivers to slow down while traveling in the West End area, avoiding heavy traffic and congestion of vehicles at Highway 82.

14 mph speed limit sign

14 mph speed limit sign
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According to Aspen Daily News on Wednesday, January 30, 2013, Aspen City officials are now thinking of reducing the current 25 mph speed limit to 14 mph speed limit, after a council work session was held on Tuesday. This is after they received tons of complaints from town residents.

As noted in the report, other speed limits, such as 18 mph and 17 mph were also considered but it was the 14 mph speed limit that most of the city council members have agreed upon after further discussions were made. The speed limit reduction proposal was raised after previous measures were not enough to solve the traffic problem.

“Why not try it? Maybe it’ll spread. … Cities are not that good at experiments and we ought to be. We ought to be better.” Mayor Mick Ireland of Aspen City was quoted in the report, adding that the 14 mph speed limit will catch the attention of the drivers since 14 is an unusual number for a speed limit.

Once the proposal will be approved, a temporary patio space called a “parklet” will be installed on top of six parking spots on Hopkins Avenue, between Mill and Monarch streets, during the four-month summer, which will costs between $20,000 and $25,000 for the city.

However, some business owners like Gilbert Vanderaa, owner of Brunelleschi restaurant, who noted that the said parking space city would be unfair since only a selected outdoor dining spaces will benefit from them. And while some council members agree with the 14 mph speed limit proposal, they also support Vanderaa‘s observation.

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