13,200 Girl Scout cookie boxes destroyed in California, sparks controversy (Photo)

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Around 13,200 Girl Scout cookie boxes were reportedly destroyed, after they were not sold. The Girl Scout Organization (GSO) celebrates the National Girl Scout Cookie Day every year, and the last one was held on Friday, February 8, 2013. However, some earlier unsold cookies were not donated, but are rather being destroyed.

Girl Scout cookie boxes destroyed

Part of the 13,200 Girl Scout cookie boxes that
were destroyed last May

Image Credit: CBS Los Angeles video

According to CBS Los Angeles on Thursday, February 14, 2013, David Goldstein, the station’s own investigative reporter, obtained a video showing a tractor crushing thousands of leftover Girl Scout cookies in a warehouse in Riverside, California, which was taken last May. A photo of the destroyed cookies can be seen below.

As noted in the report, 1,100 cases of Girl Scout cookies were trashed that time, which is equivalent to 13,200 boxes. All of them came from San Gorgonio Girl Scouts and are still good for human consumption, based on their expiration dates. Sources told them that this practice has been going on for years.

“We didn’t know that was the way they were being disposed of, no. To look at it, it’s a waste of food.” Chuck MacKinnon of San Gorgonio Girl Scouts told David Goldstein, adding that ABC Bakery, the organization’s supplier of cookies from Richmond, Virginia, is the one trashing the Girl Scout cookie boxes.

MacKinnon added that GSO is only allowed to return up to one percent of the unsold cookies to their supplier without paying for them, admitting that the wasted food could have been donated to the needy instead. Nevertheless, he noted that they will not anymore order cookies more than what they can sell.

However, San Gorgonio Girl Scouts emphasized that they usually donate unsold cookies, and that last year, they donated more than 100,000 boxes. Organizations such as Westside Food Bank, noted that they are not happy when they saw the cookie-trashing video. ABC Bakery has not yet issued an official statement on the issue.

Girl Scout cookie boxes destroyed tractor
Part of the 13,200 Girl Scout cookie boxes that are being destroyed by a tractor
Image Credit: CBS Los Angeles video

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