13 year-old Autum Ashante goes to college at University of Connecticut

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Autum Ashante, only 13 years old, will go to college at the University of Connecticut this fall; and noted to be an exceptional student since she was small.

Autum Ashante
Image Credit: Batin Ashante

As noted at NY Daily News on Tuesday, June 22, 2011, Autum Ashante, from Pelham Parkway, New York, will go to college at the age of 13 and plans to take medicine in the said university.

“I know it’s going to be hard, but I’m excited,” Autum Ashante said on the report, as she will move to Norwalk, Connecticut later along with his 50-year old father, Batin Ashante.

“What she’s doing is groundbreaking but this is not about vanity,” Batin was quoted as saying, noting that Autum started to walk at 10 months old, read when she was 2 and wrote poems at the age of 3.

“It’s about setting the tone for other black and Latino children who will come behind her. They’re always being told they are underachievers. We want to show this can be done.” Batin added, who is also a single father.

At the age of 8, Autum was said to have an IQ of 149, with an average college graduate having an IQ of 115, and can also speak Arabic, Spanish and Swahili.

Apparently, Autum has never entered school and studied through home-schooling and with the help of some retired teachers within their community.

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