125 mph, no brakes car almost caused the life of a disabled driver in France

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A so-called 125 mph, no brakes car almost caused the life of a driver in France recently, which luckily did not happen. The driver was identified as Frank Lecerf of Pont-de-Metz, near Amiens, in northern France, who was then driving his Renault Laguna on his way to a supermarket when the incident happened.

125 mph no brakes car route map

125 mph no brakes car route map, as traveled by
Frank Lecerf

Image Credit: DailyMail.co.uk

As noted at Courrier Picard, a French news site, on Tuesday, February 12, 2013, Lecerf, 26, was driving his car especially designed for disabled drivers like him last Saturday, when suddenly the car had no brakes. He said his car goes faster every time he steps on the brake, until his speed reached to 125 mph (200 kph).

According to report, the terrified driver claimed he could not control his speeding car, as he drives along a dual carriageway (divided highway) with a speed limit of 60 mph. Lecerf said he swerved in and out of traffic, causing his life in danger, and even to other drivers, but noting that he still managed to call the police.

“My life flashed before me I just wanted it to stop.” Lecerf was quoted Courrier-Picard.fr, as translated in English via Google Translate, adding that he already passed Calais and Dunkirk, and approaching the border of Belgium. Local police escorted him in his ordeal, and he was assisted by a Renault technician via phone.

However, the troubled car could not be stopped and has even passed three toll booths with warning barriers, until it reached Alveringem, Belgium. After one hour of horror ride, the car ran out of gas and eventually ran into a ditch. Frank Lecerf was not hurt, but he said he plans to sue Renault for putting his life in danger.

Ghislain Fey, Lecerf‘s lawyer, told reports that he will file a complaint on the car company, emphasizing that this is not the first time the same car had problems in speed control. He noted that he earlier brought his car to an authorized Renault technician, who told him that his car has no more problems.

Frank Lecerf said he will still wait for the result the on-going investigation, before he will file a lawsuit against the French car manufacturer. His breathktaking driving ordeal reportedly ended after his 125 mph, no brakes car traveled for around 150 miles.

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